Engaged and Attentive Students

Your students and staff are already using screens to get information every day. Use digital signs to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Not only does digital signage boost communication to current and future students, families, staff, alumni, and visitors, but also creates fast, effective, and affordable engaging content for your viewers.

Replace bulletin boards and posters with bright attention grabbing screens, not technology for the sake of technology. Easily display messages, multi-media and safety alerts quickly and easily.

Maximize Budget with Dual Purpose Displays

Easily combine existing displays with network software.

Integrate SedaoLive software to send content to Plus and Pro Clevertouch displays throughout your school using the free Clever Message App.

Declutter hallways, corridors and classrooms of paper and banners. Displays can promote activities to students while using the same technology to guide and promote events to parents.

Connecting with students

Increase engagement

Public recognition for academic and athletic achievements

Build school spirit

Increase participation in extracurricular activities

Utilize different learning styles with different types of media

What you’ll need

The Content Manager can be a PC on site managed by one person or hosted on the cloud and managed my multiple people interacting over the web. The content manager contains the software where you can create, manage, approve and schedule messages.

A media player to push content out to screen(s). Single or multiply screens, video walls, touchscreens, kiosks, desktop monitors and BYOD devices.

Robust, flexible, user-friendly software to engage all students and staff quickly and easily. Our digital signage experts will help you choose the right software for your school.

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